Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Happy Birthday to Us

Yes, it's 1 year today since we formally launched Pinupzania, in some ways that seems a long, long time ago, we've done so much and been so busy since then, in other ways it has flown by.

It's been a rollercoaster journey, we've been down some blind alleys and made the odd mistake along the way and haven't achieved everything we wanted to in our first year but on the flip side we've had more success than we could have dared hope for and we have a very solid base on which to now build.

We also have some very exciting plans for the next year so hope you'll join us on our continuing journey.

We have to thank everyone who has worked with us, helped us with advice or encouragement and all our 'fans' and customers without whom we wouldn't exist.

We especially have to thank all our models, hair stylists, make-up artists, designers and stylists, the companies who have contributed to photo shoots, locations and our suppliers - you are too numerous to mention individually but you know who you are.

It's impossible to sum up everything we are with a single image, but this shot from one of Roxy's studio shoots last year, featuring the stunning Miss Dakota Hunt, is as good as any.

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