Monday, 15 July 2013

North America's Best Pin Up Photographer?

Cat Tetreault

In the latest in our series on characters and businesses from the pin up industry that we admire, we are delighted to present an interview with Cat Tetreault, a Canadian photographer specialising in Boudoir, glamour and pin up photography. Cat is someone whose work we have long admired and she is someone that Stuart, in particular, has followed since he went full time as a photographer. Stuart says that her work is fresh, original and technically superb, yet is unmistakably influenced by the great, classic pin up artists. She also works with some amazing models. She primarily works on location and her reasons for loving and undertaking pin up photography are very similar to ours.

Cat started up in Sooke BC, but from August 2013 she will be residing and booking shoots in the Chilliwack, BC area.

Cat is a mother of two beautiful daughters and wife to an amazingly supportive husband. She has always been drawn to art (painting, photos, a beautifully lit landscape) - it's always been a part of her life. So, when she realised that she could make something beautiful with a camera, it was set in her mind that being a photographer was HER.

Here is her interview:

How did you start taking Pin up style photographs?

When I moved to BC I started looking up photographers and models that I could meet and work with to get to know my surroundings and help get my name out there. I found the beautiful Miss Bianca Bombshell's Facebook site and wrote her about my interest in shooting to build my pin up portfolio... it was a match made in heaven.

What is it you love about the Pin up style?

Everything... Everyone deserves to feel beautiful and pin up photography brings to life a flirty, and usually fully clothed (but not always) way for women to show their sexy, beautiful selves.

Name a past photographer/pin up enthusiast who has inspired you

Pinup passion... I seriously love everything about Sorelle

Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

Photographing... I don't want this ever to stop, I'm seriously in love with showing women how beautiful they are!!

Who influences your work, past or present?

Any kind of art... I find myself constantly on the net looking at new ideas and themes... if only there were more hours in the day.

Tell us about your favourite model that you work with.

Again, Miss Bianca Bombshell. Not only have we had a chance to work closely together on a number of shoots, but we just get on with each other. She knows what I want, and I know what she likes. We can come to a shoot with two totally different ideas and they mold perfectly together.

Here is a selection of Cat's wonderful photographs


  1. Wow. Her work is beautiful! Great post & pictures!

  2. Eeek so proud of you Cat and proud to call you a friend :) Great work girl! You have come so far! I'm so happy you found your calling <3

  3. I love Cat's's phenomenal!! :)

  4. Cat <3 you're photos are always gorgeous! You're definitely the best Pin Up photographer to me!

  5. LOVE HER! You couldn't have chosen a better photographer!!! I just love everything about what she stands for and her photography has always just be TOP NOTCH. Way to go Cat <3