Thursday, 6 February 2014

House of Wonderland

Amazing Jewellery and Accessories 

We've mentioned them before but we must mention them again. At all of the events we attend we now stock Jewellery and accessories from the amazing House of Wonderland. Tessa has done an amazing job in building up this business from scratch, she is an incredibly talented designer and makes many of the pieces by hand. HOW specialise in rockabilly, kawaii, wonderland and pin up inspired themes and designs. They are beginning to get noticed and winning awards and there is no surprise there.

They will also make custom pieces to order.

Go and take a look at their website  or facebook page  or drop by our stall at one of the events we attend.

The next will be the London Anime and Gaming Con this coming weekend, February 8th/9th 

Monday, 27 January 2014

Fancy a New Wardrobe?

A guest blog on vintage shopping

Today we have a guest blog from one of our models - Louise - you can see her modelling portfolio over at

Fancy a new wardrobe?

As you may know, London is filled with anything for everyone. But where to start? When it comes to vintage/retro clothing Camden Town is the place to start! Obviously, many of you know Collectif  is probably the most famous place in Camden for retro clothing. If you don’t know what I am talking about then just take a simple left outside of ‘Cyberdog’ and I might have just changed your life. Even though it can become a bit boring with only Collectif stuff, there is so many vintage places hidden in Camden, what I suggest is that you pop in to one of those small stalls and I am sure you will find what you are looking for. Camden is the tressure of hidden vintage stuff.

Price range: 3/5

Ever been a London tourist?

Head down to Portobello road where your eyes is going to glitter the whole way down. The market that is on Portobello road is just AMAZE! You actually get the feeling of the older England walking down the strip.
 Market opening times
09:00 – 18:00 Monday To Wednesday
09:00 – 13:00 Thursday
09:00 – 19:00 Friday and saturday.
The antiques and bric-a-brac stalls are open only on Saturdays and trading may start a little earlier.
Though the rumour has it that Saturday is the best day to go!
Price Range: 3/5

 Obviously We have the famous ’ Beyond retro’, absolutely amazing store! Even if you don’t have the money to buy anything it is worth a visit and their sale is really something to go through I tell you that! They have a wide range of hand picked pieces that you don’t want to miss out on. They have everything for both male and females. Looking for something to wear on an 80’s fancy dress? Here’s your store, go unique!
 You can find Beyond Retro here:
North Laines
42 Vine Street,
Phone - 012 7367 1937
East London
110-112 Cheshire St
E2 6EJ
Phone - 020 7613 3636
East London
92 -100 Stoke Newington Road
N16 7XB
Phone - 020 7923 2277

Central London
58-59 Great Marlborough St
W1F 7JY,
Phone - 020 7434 1406

Price range: 2/5

Ever gone Kg shopping?
Last, but absolutely not least. The vintage tour bus, the vintage queens, the vintage itself!!

So this is how it works, Judy’s vintage fair is a store on wheels ( you could say ) and here you shop by kilo (?). So the deal is, when Judy’s vintage fair is in your town, you go down to where ever they say they will be settled at and you grab one of their body bags and start to throw in whatever you think look nice. The cashiers then weigh your clothes in the bag and for every kilo you have, it will cost you £15! When I went there the first time I was a bit worried about how much this will come up to, but I got so much stuff from 1KG! You can also find jewlery for 50p. You will feel like a wild animal going through the boxes in there with your big black body bag but the feeling you get afterwards is undescribable. You can be here all day! Highly reccomend to come as soon as they open! Register for their news letter to see when they will be in your town next!

Friday, 17 January 2014

Pin up of the month January

Pin Up of the Month

Our first pin up of the month for 2014 is the lovely Mashashy. The judges chose her this month as she is a relative beginner to pin up but shows promise - anyone can be a pin up if you choose to be.

Here is a little interview with her.

Mashashy is a rather unusual name, how did you choose your model name? 

My real name is Ashleigh and as a child my nickname was Mashy.  Since the name was used when creating an email account I ended up with Mashashy and it just stuck.

What started your interest in Modelling?

I started by modelling Cosplays at various conventions almost by accident.  It wasn’t until I did an alternative photoshoot and was blown away that I perused modelling more seriously.

What made you want to do lingerie/pin up modelling?

There is something so sexy about these shoots and I just couldn’t resist giving it a shot!  Being on set I feel so sexy and it boosts my confidence so much.  Also I love to be the centre of attention so it polishes my ego rather well.

You Cosplay as well, where do you get your costumes?

My Cosplays are made by The Rubber Pineapple.  They are a UK based company and have amazing attention to detail.  I can't sew for anything so it is good to have someone to hand who is so talented.
I am planning a Poison Ivy Cosplay from Batman.  I can't wait!!!

Which is your favourite Cosplay to date?

Princess Peach is my favourite character to Cosplay.  It always goes down well with children of all ages and I love the character.  Her ball gown outfit makes me feel like a real princess too.

What do you love about cosplaying?

I love my fans.  I appreciate each and every single one of them and have the best conversations with them at conventions and online!

You were featured on E4s ‘Geeks’, what was it like?

Haha, it was an experience to say the least!  Getting to party in LA with Taylor Hasslehoff and seeing places from movies was amazing.  I would love to do it again!

You have started a Kickstarter project, how is that going?
Gosh it was amazing, I hit my target within four hours of starting and it just kept going!!! (or is still going) here

What else do you do?
I am currently perusing modelling full time and working on my crafts to sell at anime and games conventions.  I make lots of arty things and am always coming up with new ideas.  One of my main projects at the moment are my own childrens book and the third issue of my comic!

Do you have any other hobbies?
I enjoy arts and crafts and looking after my pets.  Video Games take up a huge chunk of my free time too.

Mashashy has a facebook  page 

Here is a selection of Mashashy's images - photographers include:
C Ware Photography, PJG Photography, 13th Life Photography and Charliy and Juli 

We hope to arrange a shoot with Mashashy so watch this space for more!

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Where did the year go?

New Year, New Pinupzania

Oops, we ended up rather neglecting our blog as 2013 progressed, we don't know where the time went.

You will be seeing some changes in Pinupzania in 2014, though we'll still be conducting our own photo shoots, we have several amazing shoots coming up in fact, we'll also begin to feature images from other photographers and from other pin up girls to add some variety.

We'll also be overhauling our online store and product range, concentrating more on exclusive designs on a wide range of products through our zazzle store front and on print and image sales.

Zazzle store banner

We already have launched our range of pin up watches to which we'll be adding more exclusive designs soon. These are already proving popular so why not take a look.

We'll be generally tidying up our website and image galleries as well so you'll soon see more fresh and new content. We'll also be adding dedicated pages for some of our most popular models.

So, keep an eye on us, bookmark our site if you haven't already, follow us on facebook or twitter  or soon on Google +